5 Most important advices…. The don’ts

NSDiet is a lacto-ovo-pescetarian diet. Studies on Blue zone diets ,Japanese Mediterranean diet etc. shows that this type of diet gives most of the health benefits and longevity.

most important 5 modifications for make free of disease promoting factors and working long term. these have massive scientific data or evidence from the last 30-40 years.

1. Use Cooking temperature below 100 Celsius (or 120 in pressure cooker) and cook everything in the presence of water. The main method of cooking in NSdiet is Steaming.
Baking ,Deep frying promote the formation of heterocyclic amines in protein foods and ”acrylamide” in carbohydrates, croslink and oxidize proteins. These chemicals are unstable ,not usable for the body and promotes cancer.
If you cook legumes ,soak overnight and cook in pressure cooker. Lentils ,Beans contain lectins. Lectins can trigger allergies and autoimmune reactions.There is evidence that only pressure cooking can deactivate these proteins 100%

2. Don’t consume refined sugar and fructose or maximize in 20g a day.
Fructose need conversion in the liver ,using valuable enzyme capacity. The chance of fructose to form cross-links with proteins ,form AGEs (Advanced Glycation End-products) in the body is 10 times higher than with glucose.
Evidences also show that fructose causes unbalance in appetite suppressing hormones.
Fructose is not essential in any way ,starches contain enough carbohydrates.
Don’t eat high sugar fruits or consume fruit juices in excess. Eat fruits for nutrition eg. berries.

3. Don’t eat gliadin containing grains or gluten, wheat and barley.
There is more and more evidence shows that gluten is too hard to digest and if undigested , capable to damage the intestinal lining. Wheat also contains WGA ,Wheat germ agglutinin which linked to many digestion issues and allergies.

4. Eat only fish as meat. Try to stick with wild ,low mercury fish like salmon and sardines.
Fish don’t contain any human analogue hormones and proteins. highly bio-available and easy to digest compared to other meats. contains all the beneficial meat substances like carnosine ,creatine ,taurine etc.
Eating mammals ,beef ,pigs can lead to serious autoimmune disease like Hashimoto from processed meat or hormone unbalances from lean meats.
There are evidences that in the case of any kind of intestinal infection these proteins can enter the bloodstream and induce immune reaction ,then because these animal proteins are very similar , autoimmune reaction. eg. pig pancreas in processed meat -> type 1 diabetes.
Chicken contains high level of pesticide residues ,Arsenic and heavy metals from the feed. Eat chicken only if available from small natural farm.

5. Don’t use seed oils. only oil used in NSDiet are Olive and Coconut.
Nuts ,nut butters have enough omega-6 to meet the requirements and balance high omega-3 intake from fish. Seed oils are unstable, easily turn rancid and inflammation promoting.

… I’ll be back with more details ,cooking advice and sample meals soon! Thanks for reading!

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