nsdiet? what is this about?
in the last 10 years many diets came ,became mainstream and disappeared.
Atkins is the best example from the best way of weight loss became the unhealthiest diet ever existed with even short term damages on health.
New extremes raw vegan ,paleo are getting more and more popularity but there is no scientific proof ,long time dieters ,large number groups.
Many people out there want to loose weight ,tone up or feel more energy adopting these diets and at the end it’s a Russian roulette with their health without the science behind dieting.

what you want from a diet

– Balance of macro and micro-nutrients ,vitamins
– Antioxidants or precursors
– High bio-availability
– Smallest possible amount of toxins
– Free from known common allergens or allergy causing proteins
– Anti-inflammatory properties
– Balance Glycemic index for weight loss or keeping weight.

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5 Responses to Nsdiet?

  1. Stacy Jones says:

    I’d love to find out more about this, like what ur daily meals/snacks are like, cals, servings, and macros. Like u, I’ve tried many different diets but i have yet to find one that works

    • nscdiet says:

      Hi! This diet is based on Japanese and the diets of the Blue zones with some maybe a bit strict ,but i believe important modifications. unlike most diets I tried to cut out any kind of religious believes ,traditions following only scientific studies ,evidences and long term experiences like centenarian diets. Worked surprisingly well.
      I’ll me back with more detailed info and meals in the next couple of days! Thanks!

  2. Stacy Jones says:

    Hi. I’d love to find out more about this… What a normal day looks like, cals macros, servings, etc. The pics of ur transformations are amazing! Like u, I’ve tried many different diets but have yet to find do the one that works best and im curious as to how u came to the diet u do noe

  3. Wuang says:

    Work on your spelling, my friend. It is quite bad in every one of your articles, is English not your native language?(it is not mine, so forgive me if I make mistakes too in this post). Found you through 30BADSUCKS. 3500 kcal, low fat, high-starch, low-fructose, moderate protein, sounds like what I have been doing. Yes, that works well.

    • nsdiet says:

      you mean grammar ,Yeah ,I’ll try ,don’t have too much time at the mo. and just typing fast what comes into my head 🙂
      newer writings will be more organized and probably the whole blog will change slowly ,more into workouts ,couple of vids etc. etc.

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