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Managing glycogen stores or how to enjoy all the benefits of high carbohydrate diet without fat gain.

The human body can store 5-700g carbohydrates in the muscle and 50-100g in the liver but can’t store protein and we don’t want to store fat.Low-carb diet is not a solution long term ,it’s more like choosing gastric bypass other … Continue reading

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How cooking methods affect AGEs (Advanced Glycation End products)

AGEs are proteins permanently cross-linked with sugars. The research is controversial ,some data show low absorption of these substances ,others show increased oxidative stress if someone eat a lot of it. these substances aren’t necessary for the body. avoiding completely is impossible but reducing AGEs intake spares antioxidants in the body … Continue reading

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5 Most important advices…. The don’ts

NSDiet is a lacto-ovo-pescetarian diet. Studies on Blue zone diets ,Japanese Mediterranean diet etc. shows that this type of diet gives most of the health benefits and longevity. most important 5 modifications for make free of disease promoting factors and … Continue reading

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My Diet Journey!

Age 26-30-34 Diet: SAD ,Vegetarian-Vegan ,NSDiet

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nsdiet? what is this about? in the last 10 years many diets came ,became mainstream and disappeared. Atkins is the best example from the best way of weight loss became the unhealthiest diet ever existed with even short term damages … Continue reading

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